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Energy Industry Solutions

Energy Industry solutions that transform how companies manage, process, share and gain insights from their engineering and asset-related content

Energy industry overview

Energy companies, such as Oil and Gas producers and Utility providers, are fighting a constant battle to remain profitable and embrace the new technologies that are disrupting their industry. With the reduction in oil prices and the rise of renewable technologies, Energy business leaders need to ensure their existing assets operate to the maximum efficiency and at the lowest cost, while continuing to meet safety and operating regulations. To achieve this Operational Excellence, Energy organizations need to reengineer their business processes, provide systems that incorporate their extensive supplier networks and analyze their data to improve operational decisions.

Segments served

Oil and Gas

Upstream production, midstream transportation and downstream refining of both oil and gas


Electricity, Gas and Water supply, power generation, transmission and distribution and retail


Production of chemicals, such as chlorine and feedstocks, based on a continuous manufacturing process

Energy industry challenges

  • The rise of renewables

    The use of renewable energy (e.g. solar, wind) is about to undergo a dramatic acceleration due to developments in battery technology and the reduced cost of technology. This will significantly affect the Oil and Gas (fossil) industry and the electrical utility markets, slowing down the demand for their products.

  • The great crew change

    Downsizing has been both cyclical and harsh and deprived the industry of some of its smartest veteran talent while scaring away new recruits. Younger employees expect less traditional workplaces, incorporating more collaboration and flexible working locations with the use of the latest technology.

  • Operational excellence

    With the price of oil dropping, operational excellence has become a key initiative over the past five years, dedicating organizations to keeping operational costs low and implementing new technology to optimize asset production. With the vast amount of data generated from their operating assets, Energy companies are challenged with managing and analyzing this data for maximum business benefit.

  • Focus on the customer

    The Utility sector, in particular electricity supply, is undergoing radical change across the globe. The disruption of new and local sources of energy, such as solar, and the introduction of competition through deregulation, are causing Utility companies to focus on how they support and communicate with their existing customers.

Energy industry solutions

OpenText solutions for the Energy industry are built on a portfolio of Enterprise Information Management (EIM) products and services designed to improve information governance, increase Energy compliance, optimize business processes and drive innovation, insights and profitability.

Energy solutions benefits

  • Create a foundation for operational effectiveness with a single authoritative asset vault

    Efficiently manage the creation, review and approval of regulated asset documentation. Ensure the integrity of the as-built data in conjunction with effective management of change functionality.

  • Unify processes across domains, divisions and external partners

    Break down information silos, unify processes and share relevant information with team members in a collaborative environment that spans the enterprise as well as alliance partners, suppliers, contractors and consultants.

  • Leverage data for meaningful insight

    Augment traditional data management and data analytics with AI-powered analytics. Energy organizations can gain actionable insights that translate into more effective operational decisions and predictive maintenance schedules for improved operations and reduced plant downtime.

  • Improve customer relationships

    Develop omnichannel communication strategies and deliverables to provide customers with a more modern and informative experience from monthly bill statements and customer servicing to general customer marketing.

  • Balance supply and demand

    Understand customer demand patterns using smart meter and IOT platform data to meet the maximum and minimum power demands, reducing overall power generation and operating costs.

Why OpenText for Energy?

Market leader for ECM in Energy

Hundreds of Energy companies across the globe, including 19 of the world’s top 20 Oil companies, use OpenText technology for Capital Project Management, Asset Operations and Maintenance, Big Data Analytics and AI, corporate functions and more.

Fully integrated solution suite

OpenText is the only company that provides a fully integrated suite of Energy industry solutions designed to manage engineering content, from Capital Project creation through handover and commissioning to asset operations and maintenance management integration.

Extending content to key business systems

OpenText understands the need for users to work in their primary business applications, while being able to find and access the correct content. Using Extended ECM, OpenText integrates with other main Energy Industry applications, such as, SAP PM, SuccessFactors, Maximo, ARC GIS, etc.

Customer success stories

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