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OpenText Cloud Editions (CE)

Cloud-native software that can run anywhere

Learn about OpenText Cloud Editions (CE) and the added value and benefits of cloud-native architecture.

What are Cloud Editions (CE)?

OpenText Cloud Editions (CE) are cloud-native solutions that can run anywhere and make the adoption of new products and features faster and easier. An evolution of Release 16, Cloud Editions (CE) build on, and include, all innovations from previous Release 16 Enhancement Packs.

Cloud Editions (CE) let customers implement anywhere, while making it simple and cost-effective to maintain and update. With the agility that Cloud Editions (CE) introduce, organizations can respond quickly to changing market, business and user requirements to deliver the best customer,
partner and employee experiences possible.

OpenText Cloud Editions (CE) benefits

  • Deploy and run anywhere

    Deploy and run anywhere

    Cloud Editions (CE) provide the choice of where to implement, whether on-premises, in a hybrid environment or in preferred clouds, such as Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Anthos or the OpenText Cloud.

  • Manage faster and easier

    Manage faster and easier

    Cloud Editions (CE) are cloud-native applications supporting Docker and Kubernetes for automated deployment and scaling and management in any environment, including traditional VM-based datacenters.

  • Content archiving solutions

    Get regular updates with the latest features

    As new features are delivered, the containerized architecture of Cloud Editions (CE) make adopting these new features faster, simpler and more cost-effective to solve new business problems.

  • Pair with Managed Services

    Pair with Managed Services

    Cloud Editions (CE) can also be combined with Enterprise Managed Services to deliver customers’ Information Management solutions from the cloud of their choice with the confidence of a single SLA commitment from OpenText.

  • Unlock the perks of the OpenText Cloud

    Unlock the perks of the OpenText Cloud

    While Cloud Editions (CE) software can be run anywhere, there are added benefits to running in the OpenText Cloud. New cloud-native products and features will be made immediately available in the OpenText Cloud when they ship.

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