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OpenText Release 16

OpenText™ Release 16 leverages cloud, hybrid and off-cloud deployment options to balance regulatory and security requirements with agility and innovation speed.

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Announcing Release 16 EP7, OT2 19.4 and Business Network Cloud 19.4

Join Stephen Ludlow, SVP, Product Management as he explores the November 2019 launch highlights, including cloud and off-cloud, SaaS and managed services.

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New in Enhancement Pack 7

Enhancement Pack 7 (EP7) represents improvements across Release 16, from improved security and added cloud deployment flexibility, to new integrations and enhancements in user experience and intelligent automation.

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Security highlights

  • OpenText Security Suite introduces 400+ new anomaly detection values and 45+ new anomaly detection rules out of the box; now with the industry’s most robust anomaly detection rule creation wizard.
  • Upgraded threat intelligence, dynamic analysis of zero-day threats and live IP reputation as well as live, active threat monitoring for OpenText Security Suite.
  • OpenText Forensics adds huge time savings with pause and resume imaging job capability for OpenText Tableau Forensic Imager (TX1)—a forensic industry first.
  • Added privacy regulations and compliance support in OpenText Magellan, including out-of-the-box identification of Personal Identifiable Information (PII).
  • Added instance-level permissions and sophisticated redaction capabilities in OpenText AppWorks.

Deployment and management highlights

  • OpenText InfoArchive now offers modern archiving in the cloud and introduces Google Cloud archive storage support.
  • OpenText Content Services now runs in the cloud and on-premises for automatic updating, dramatic scaling.

Intelligent automation highlights

User experience and productivity highlights

Integration highlights

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