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OpenText Business Network Cloud 16

Digitize the supply chain to identify and manage risk and accelerate time to market, while saving the planet through ethical sourcing solutions

OpenText Business Network is a portfolio of solutions to manage data capture, exchange, integration and security. Provided on the OpenText Cloud architecture, Business Network solutions establish a digital backbone of connectivity, collaboration and intelligence across business ecosystems. Business Network enables customers to power world-class supply chains, streamline banking, drive healthcare interoperability, digitize trading communities and establish secure information collaboration.


Introducing the OpenText Trading Grid Global Partner Directory

What's new in Business Network Cloud?

  Rapidly identify partners, manage risk and drive compliance
  • Launches the Trading Grid Global Partner Directory, a powerful sourcing and onboarding solution that leverages the world’s largest community of supply chain trading partners
  • Helps rapidly identify partners based on goods sold, company size, financial risk and ethical manufacturing, trade practices and more
  • Helps manage risk and drive compliance with corporate social responsibility initiatives
  • Expands trading options and accelerates time to value with self-service connection options
  Self-service support lifecycle management
  • Adds OpenText Community Projects, a new support portal accessible via OpenText Trading Grid Online, allowing organization to submit and manage the full lifecycle of all support ticket requests
  • Offers advanced functionality, including a guided support request creation wizard, structured task-based workflows, SLA tracking and internal team and queue management tools.
  IoT data visualization and geofencing reporting
  • Leverages OpenText Magellan BI & Reporting for advanced visualization of IoT device data streams with the new IoT Reporting Service
  • Includes user-defined device geofences and exception notifications to optimize asset management and shipment track and trace
  Data transformation for IBM i
  • Designed and optimized for the IBM® i platform, OpenText TrustedLink for i converts internal application data formats to and from the data formats that trading partners require
  • Supports enterprise-level volumes of data, as well as for smaller companies starting EDI programs
  • Increases integration support for SAP ALE via OpenText BizManager and improves efficiency with a rewrite of internal table maintenance
  Order management with mobile scan
  • Offers new TGASN mobile interface in OpenText Active Orders to generate advanced ship notices (ASNs) and labels on mobile devices, accelerating ASN information delivery for logistics and tracking and broader supply chain process support and automation
  Supply chain analytics custom filters and groupings
  • Enables grouping of business units, brands, trading partners and more, plus filtering by custom groups, for more meaningful analytics
  • Improves KPIs to measure invoice quantity variance against ASN ship quantity, in addition to the purchase order, for a more accurate view of supplier performance and fulfillment
  Redesigned Trading Grid Online enhances the user experience
  • Provides a dashboard and delivers a centralized gateway to Global Partner Directory, OpenText Trading Grid Analytics, Trading Partner Graph and other value-added features
  • Adds Community Projects for full customer support lifecycle visibility and management and self-service features to onboard partners, define custom fields and more.
  • Links to OpenText Active Community for comprehensive community management.
  Accelerated and GDPR-compliant community management
  • Automates trading partner provisioning for OpenText B2B Managed Services users to accelerate onboarding and shorten time to value in Active Community
  • Includes a configurable interface to leverage supplier information stored as custom fields in registration emails to pre-populate trading partner profiles
  • Improves information access and privacy with a full audit trail and GDPR-compliant data collection and storage
  Cross-domain identity and access management
  • Fully integrates OpenText Identity and Access Management and OpenText Directory Services for secure access management across multiple user domains
  • Centralizes identity administration to manage access to OpenText, as well as third-party, applications
  • Adds a unified identification and authentication service to enhance information security and control
  Expanded global eInvoice compliance
  • Extends OpenText Active Invoices with Compliance to process invoices across a broader set of countries, including Portugal, Hungary and Brazil, where the government mandates the use of electronic invoicing
  • Supports nearly 50 countries for streamlined global trading
  Realtime product and pricing updates for retailers
  • Enhances OpenText Active Catalogue to provide retailers with product and pricing updates multiple times daily for increased data accuracy and quality
  • Offers a text file download of image attributes
  Accelerated trading for mid-market companies
  • Expands reach of OpenText Freeway Cloud, a mid-market EDI solution, for faster trading with 30 new trading partner hub kits
  • Improves visibility into import/export trading partner routing locations, invoice consolidation, new forms expansions for Order Status Messages (869 & 870), Merchandise returns (180) and Shipping Routing and Returns Messages (753 & 754)

What's new in Business Network Cloud?

  • Accelerated trading for mid-market companies

    • Expands reach of OpenText™ Freeway Cloud, a mid-market EDI solution, for faster trading with 30 new trading partner hub kits
    • Improves visibility into import/export trading partner routing locations, invoice consolidation, new forms expansions for Order Status Messages (869 & 870), Merchandise returns (180) and Shipping Routing and Returns Messages (753 & 754)

  • Richer supply chain insights

    OpenText Trading Grid Analytics is enhanced with long-term transaction volume and trading partner trend dashboards for greater business insight. Charts in Trading Grid Analytics are now fully interactive to drill into and help resolve specific issues before they lead to broader business disruptions. New KPIs on file errors help identify troublesome trading partners and deliver improved usability with custom filters and groupings.

  • Mid-market order management

    EP6 marks the launch of OpenText™ Freeway Cloud in the U.S., an easy and affordable customer order management solution for mid-market companies. Requiring no technical EDI expertise, Freeway Cloud includes an extensive library of pre-built partner kits for fast customer trading partner setup as well as features to improve business efficiencies, such as PO to invoice flip, cross-dock, drop-ship and pick-pack automation.

  • User experience enhancements

    OpenText™ Active Orders and OpenText™ Active Invoices with Compliance receives a major facelift in EP6, including innovations in user experience to enhance productivity and help drive team efficiency to new levels. New capabilities include enhanced search, personalized homepage configuration, priority action task identification, order details listing and search, context-sensitive menus, breadcrumb navigation and improved error notification.

  • B2B gateway software

    OpenText™ BizManager™ 16.6 delivers improved flexibility and increased performance. New protocol support, including AS4, Ryutsu BMS and Zengin, provides more integration options for regional markets. The latest release supports RESTful web services and enables customers to translate files of any size. A new human-readable document viewer provides logical document layouts for non-technical business users.

  • Digital fax workflow and audit

    The latest release of OpenText™ RightFax™ introduces client workflows to improve fax processing time. User avatars and associated visual history records improve fax audit functions and a fully-functional administrative web portal delivers anytime, anywhere access to jobs, reports and other administrative tasks.

  • Cloud fax analytics

    EP6 offers enhanced analytics for OpenText™ Fax2Mail and OpenText™ Notifications, including fax delivery time reporting and new dashboard views on partial deliveries to help drive streamlined processes and improved constituent engagement.

  • SMS European data sovereignty compliance

    OpenText Notifications now supports European data sovereignty for SMS messages. The service broadens the reach of Notifications to global constituents, while fully complying with regional data storage and protection requirements.

  • Intelligent data integration

    OpenText™ Contivo accelerates the automation of data mapping specification report generation for data integration and data management for quicker and accurate turnaround of data transformation and trading partner onboarding projects. It strengthens collaboration with customers and improves speed to market and time to revenue.

  • Security with data tokenization

    EP6 introduces data tokenization solutions for expanded data security through the integration of Liaison technology. Data tokenization also enables customers to leverage protected data for visibility and intelligence services, without exposing sensitive information to unauthorized systems or people.

  • Direct connection management

    OpenText™ Trading Grid™ simplifies and expands connectivity to trading partners even further by outsourcing SFTP and FTPS direct connections, in addition to AS2, AS3 and OFTP. The service gives customers the control they seek with direct connections and the visibility to monitor all transactions among both direct and network-connected trading partners.

  • Country e-invoice compliance expansion

    OpenText™ Active Invoices with Compliance has been expanded to support even more country e-invoice regulations, now including India. The solution supports compliance in more than 40 countries.

  • Self-service expansion

    EP6 continues to expand capabilities for customers and their trading partners to self-provision their connections and integrations to Trading Grid and Active Applications. A new self-validation web portal for OpenText™ Email2EDI and OpenText™ Fax2EDI enables users to view, validate and edit OCR-converted documents in the system for improved quality and speed.

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