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OpenText Security 16

Get realtime, continuous monitoring and endpoint isolation solutions for improved efficiency and user experience enhancements

What's new in Release 16 EP7 for OpenText EnCase and OpenText Tableau

The OpenText EnCase family of digital investigation and forensic security solutions offers earlier threat detection and faster response. With agents deployed on more than 40 million endpoints, clients from 78 of the Fortune 100 and more than 6,600 EnCE certified users, EnCase delivers the industry gold standard for incident response and digital investigations.

What's new in EnCase and Tableau Release 16 EP7

OpenText EnCase Forensic 8.10

  • Improves local acquisition time, requisition speed and MFT file parsing speed on an NTFS file system.
  • Supports all Outlook files, including email, calendar entries and contacts.
  • Includes updated Lucene indexing and search technology for improved reliability and performance and to allow Open JDK use.
  • Offers support for Apple File System (APFS) Snapshots, which can be parsed, browsed or filtered via queries and conditions to filter the differential data down.

OpenText Tableau Forensic Imager (TX1) 3.0

  • Delivers remote access to all Tableau Forensic Imager (TX1) touch-screen user interface features through a web UI from a modern web browser on a computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Allows users to manage TX1 administration/operation and participate in investigations from computers within the same network domain as TX1.
  • Supports web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge®, Safari® for desktop, Firefox for Android, Chrome for Android, Safari for iOS and Opera.
  • Saves time by letting users pause any running imaging job (E01, Ex01, DD, DMG) on TX1 and resume later, even across power cycles, which would have previously required restarting the job—a forensic industry first.
  • Provides a view of suspect media, image and text files, directly on the TX1, to allow for quick triage to determine priority or relevance to the investigation.
  • Enables users to create, delete and manage multi-user profiles.
  • Adds new drive types for detection.

OpenText EnCase Mobile Investigator 1.06

  • Provides a view of recent web search data in the Mobile Data Triage.
  • Groups recent searches by folders with the corresponding internet browser name and provides a view of parsed application data with additional applications, such as Dolphin, Dolphin X, Firefox and Opera Touch.
  • Allows users to see and select all categorized graphic files from the Categorized Files pane in the Gallery viewer, which includes check boxes for further analysis.
  • Offers Mobile Data Review report localization in French and Polish.

OpenText EnCase Endpoint Investigator 8.10

  • Improves performance of key forensic workflows, strengthening triage and processing capabilities with the release of OpenText Media Analyzer.
  • Provides enhanced value for users of Apple® devices.
  • Replaces Oracle JDK with OpenJDK for the EnCase Lucene® index engine.

OpenText EnCase Endpoint Security 6.07

  • Offers continuous monitoring at scale to combat digital adversaries for advanced threat detection and full visibility into endpoints and data.

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