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OpenText Qfiniti Managed Services

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Achieve breakthrough workforce optimization through managed services

Many contact centers rely on legacy systems running on dozens of complex and costly servers. These unwieldy installations can create operational complexity that makes it difficult to effectively manage the quality of multichannel customer service and support.

OpenText™ Qfiniti Managed Services resets the future of contact center management, making it possible to address multiple challenges at once. The entire OpenText™ Qfiniti modular workforce optimization (WFO) solution, as well as OpenText™ Explore advanced Voice of Customer (VoC), speech, and multichannel analytics, are custom-configured to operate seamlessly in an on-premises, cloud, or hybrid cloud approach.

The combined advantages of OpenText Qfiniti Managed Services are unique in the industry:

  • Rapid deployment: Connect hybrid deployments of OpenText Qfiniti Survey and OpenText Explore to your existing OpenText Qfiniti platform to provide voice of the customer and multi-channel analytics insights in days, not weeks.
  • Breakthrough economics: Turn one-time capital expenditures into an elastic operational cost, with an economical "pay-as-needed" delivery model that allows the enterprise to scale up and down according to business demands. Substantial savings are also realized from state-of-the-art server technology, which significantly reduces power consumption and space requirements.
  • Elastic cost model: Remove the high cost of one-time WFO software purchases from the equation and replace it with an elastic operational expense and flexible, efficient cost model.
  • WFO deployment minus the risk: Benefit from the industry’s first workforce optimization platform that offers the cost and resource elasticity normally associated with cloud deployment, while also preserving the on-premises stability and security provided by your existing infrastructure and familiar applications.

Today's contact centers must extract the value of competitive advantage in the vast amount of customer interaction data while controlling costs and resource allocation. With the OpenText Qfiniti Managed Services award-winning workforce optimization, the 21st century enterprise can achieve truly flexible contact center management and improved business results with speed, power, and agility.